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Our Food Rescue program began in August of 2022 with only two volunteers and items going to patrons on Thursday nights. 5 months later, we have grown to two distribution nights (Mondays & Thursdays) and a large group of volunteers! Monday nights we are open to the whole community. Anyone may come. No paperwork, no qualifications, no cost, no questions. Thursday nights we are only open for our patrons who receive additional services.

Food Rescue means we saved items that would have been discarded for a variety of reasons. It may be due to their blemishes, one broken egg in the carton, not selling at the store, or due to being just barely out of date. These items are sorted and the best most useable items are placed out each Monday night. Items vary each week but may include bread, dairy, fresh produce, bagged salads kits and more. Help yourself!

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Food Safety

Learn about food safety and how to prevent food borne illness by going to:


Wyoming Food Bank

Find easy nourishing recipes with everyday ingredients.


Volunteer Work

Be A Part Of The Change

At Afton Food Pantry, we are dedicated to supporting individuals through our various initiatives. With one of our initiatives being Volunteer Work, we are always striving to make a difference. We encourage church groups, school groups, families, kids, teams, coworkers and friends to come down and volunteer.

Afton Food Pantry depends on your commitment to volunteer in order to promote real change on the ground and in local communities. If it weren’t for the active participation of countless individuals, Afton Food Pantry would be far more limited.

If you are interested in volunteering to help on a Distribution night, please look for Mondays on the sign up.

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Food Rescue Hours

We are currently open every Monday night from 5:00-6:00pm.

The amount of food that is rescued varies from day to day. Every so often, we simply do not receive enough (if any) food over the last couple days to justify opening. Afton Food Pantry does reserve the right to close on any night for whatever reason. Thank you for your understanding!

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